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Alex Spellman Junior Games Programmer

13th Jun 2017

Alex Spellman joined d3t on 22/05/2017 as a Junior Games Programmer. Alex tells us more about himself and why he wanted to work at d3t.

Experience and Career Background

I gained a Computer Games Programming degree from Teeside University and went on to work at ZeroLight as an Associate software engineer.

Why d3t?

d3t offers great opportunities to learn within multiple disciplines, there’s a good-sized team, in a great location, and an exciting range of popular products both past and future to work on.

What was the recruitment process like?

The test that was needed to secure an interview was practical and fun, it was the kind of thing that would be useful in a programming job and offered a choice in how to demonstrate your skills. The interview was very relaxed.

Tell us an interesting facts about yourself

I’m also a museum geek. So I find ColliderCase, the Forever Project and all d3t’s heritage sector projects particularly interesting!

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