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The 2024-2025 Programming Internship application window has now closed!

Keep a look out for more information across our social media pages detailing when the 2025-2026 window will open. 


What you can expect during your time here as a Programming Intern:

At d3t, we have long championed the level of talent coming through our universities. We are excited to be able help you take your first steps into a fascinating, cutting edge career.

As a Programming Intern at d3t you’ll be put straight onto a project team from day one – some of our previous projects include EA SPORTS FC™ 24, Hogwarts Legacy, LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga, Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodhunt, Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy, and Alan Wake Remastered. 

You’ll get the chance to work on an amazing game currently in development in collaboration with our clients at world class studios.

Your team will comprise of many experienced programmers and industry veterans to help you learn and develop your skills.

You’ll also be working with our other teams such as Design, Art, and Production.

Primarily you’ll be working on C++ either on a commercial or in house engine with the latest tech, PCs and consoles. We have a huge variety of programming tasks covering all types of game development programming including; graphics, optimisations, core tech, AI, UI, gameplay, physics and tools so there’s something for every interest.

Your days will compromise of chatting with your team to get an update on what everyone has been doing. Then you’ll be onto syncing up, gathering requirements, writing, testing, reviewing and submitting your code. You’ll also be chatting with other programmers, designers, artists and producers for advice, help and collaboration on features.


The types of internships that we have on offer

Industry placements now form a vital part of many university courses and we are delighted to be able to offer up-and-coming talent the chance to experience the industry first-hand in a supportive and vibrant environment. We offer 12-month internships.

We can offer the longer term internships as part of a Year in Industry course. Shorter term options are available if you have demonstrable experience working on game technology. These internships give you the opportunity of real experience to help decide where you skills lie and what you would like to pursue within the industry.

The fun stuff, plus a few extra things!

d3t always strives for excellence, but equally we actively encourage breaks from work in line with our anti-crunch ethos. During breaks you get to play the latest in video games in our dedicated break out area, express yourself on our (very fun) team blackboard whilst enjoying the benefits of free refreshments, or even join in some of our social and gaming clubs!

We view internships as a great way for graduates to break into this competitive industry. It also gives us the opportunity to meet the very best in talent coming through our universities. Our recruitment method for interns is just as rigorous as our usual method, so if all parties are happy with the outcome of the internship, we view this as a possible routeway to securing full time employment with d3t.

Take a look at what some of our previous Interns had to say about the programme!


“I’ve had an amazing time working for d3t as a Programming Intern. Stepping into a new industry can be quite scary, but the people are d3t are so incredibly friendly and helpful you feel part of the team in no time. During my internship I have worked with so many talented people and learned a great amount from them. The company culture is incredible and they have lots of awesome projects to work on – couldn’t have asked for more!”

Diana Dobrescu
9 September 2022

Find out what our recent Programming Intern, Marek said about his experience by clicking below!


“d3t was my first step into the games industry and I don’t think I could’ve landed anywhere better. Taking a first step anywhere can be daunting but within my first few weeks I already felt like I had been part of the team for months. The sense of community is unlike anything I could’ve expected. There was never a time where I felt under any kind of pressure as the people who work here are some of the most supportive and welcoming people you could work with.

No matter your previous experience or background you will feel part of the amazing team at d3t. I cannot recommend this internship enough, don’t sit on the fence like I almost did!”

Ollie Pryde
5 August 2022

“It’s been a genuine pleasure working with everybody at d3t. When I started at the studio, I used to say to my friends and family, that if someone gave me a piece of paper and asked me to write out my dream job, it would be this one. Later on, that changed, as I realised I probably wouldn’t even dream up a job this good and fun.

Truly I couldn’t have asked for a better internship, or co-workers.”


Marek Kočvara
27 July 2022

“d3t was by far the best work experience I ever had. Even though I was there for only 2 months and a half, I feel like I have learned so much in that time. The work was indeed challenging (but in the best way possible) and I knew I could count on my co-workers, who were always eager to help out. Everyone in the office was lovely, and they made me feel part of the d3t family from the start. The atmosphere was relaxed and fun, and it was always a pleasure to come to work.

No matter if you’re an experienced dev, or fresh out of Uni, I would recommend d3t to anyone – the interesting projects and the lovely people do make it one of the best places to work at.”

Irina Hristescu
23 October 2018

“d3t is a remarkable company to do an internship with!  The work is both interesting and challenging, and you get to work on some amazing projects which scale right up to AAA games! All the staff are friendly and the office maintains a relaxed atmosphere despite being a very professional business.

If you earn an internship with d3t, rest assured they believe you’re capable to do the job and will give you every opportunity to prove yourself, as a member of the team! After 14 months I can, hand on heart, say that it would be a pleasure to return to d3t, I’ve learnt so much and they still have much more to offer!”

Neil Osbaldeston
22 August 2018

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