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Ben Sparrow joins d3t as Junior Artist

22nd May 2017

Ben Sparrow joined the d3t team on 24th April 2017 as Junior Artist. Find out more about Ben…

Where did you study and work prior to d3t?

After graduating with a First Class Honours in Digital Arts, I worked as a Graphic Designer at The Design & Print Co. in Manchester for 2 years. Since then I’ve also taken on freelance work for Sofology as a 3D Artist, helping them in creating assets for their online experiences.

Why d3t?

This has been the greatest opportunity for me to begin my career in the Games Industry. Being surrounded by industry veterans with a wealth of knowledge and experience creates an exciting and invaluable environment to work in.

The wide range of projects that d3t take on will allow me to use all of my skill sets, whilst aiding in my continual development as an artist. This is a rare opportunity which I’m thrilled to be a part of.

What was the recruitment process like?

The Art Test was definitely challenging but the brief permitted creative freedom which made the whole experience extremely fun!

What was also different was having the chance to meet one of the artists and have a relaxed discussion separately to the interview. It gave me a lot of insight into the friendly and passionate culture at d3t.

Tell us some interesting facts about yourself.

When I’m not behind a computer I enjoy boxing. I competed and won my second fight in late December 2016. Since then I’ve taken a break to focus on my career but I’d love to pick it up again! The training is always challenging, fun and helps balance a lifestyle spent working hard at my desk.

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