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Ground Breaking Museum Technology

6th May 2016

Cheshire based software developer d3t has joined forces with Bright White Ltd to create ground breaking technology, set to revolutionise museums nationally and internationally.

Utilising unique software developed by d3t, the ColliderCase projects hologram-like technology inside museum showcases enabling text, animations, illustrations and video to appear alongside, touching and even crossing through the object.

The floating digital content can be used to show inside an object, magnify details, re-instate missing parts and even bring the object back to life, to tell its story in a unique and magical way. The overall effect is of animations floating in mid air, in the same display case as the object, bringing it and its story together to transform the museum visitor’s experience.

The innovation sees the start of an exciting new era for museums, which have changed dramatically over the past decade with the introduction of digital screens, virtual reality headsets and interactive experiences.

With the ColliderCase, the next phase in museum evolution has arrived. d3t’s Commercial Director, Jamie Campbell explains,

Normally, digital media is banned from showcases because the electronics can potentially damage an object or artefact irreparably. ColliderCase uses a special optical system to completely avoid these problems, and opens up really exciting possibilities when real objects and digital media meet on the same stage.

The launch of ColliderCase marks an exciting phase in the growth of d3t. The company has just celebrated reaching a headcount of 30 and has moved to a new state of the art HQ, in its hometown Cheshire. Jamie continues,

We are strictly work for hire, which means we get to work on a vast array of projects for a diverse range of national and global clients. We provide technological solutions for clients at home and abroad and want to showcase the fantastic development talent we have here in the northwest. With this project, Bright White Ltd designed the ColliderCase and we came up with the software technology to make it a reality. We are really looking forward to its official unveiling as it’s like nothing the sector has seen before.

ColliderCase can be seen in action for the first time at the Museums and Heritage Show at Olympia, London, on the 18th and 19th May.

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