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20th Jun 2018

So, back in February we brought you news of the anonymous request that had been cropping up in our Staff Suggestions Box for over 2 years… ‘Please can we have a d3t llama?’ Our initial reaction was to say ‘NO, this is impossible’![vc_single_image image=”4089″ img_size=”large” add_caption=”yes” alignment=”center”]But sometimes at d3t we are able to make the impossible happen and a couple of weeks ago we had a surprise lunchtime visitor.

Many thanks to Hillview Llamas in Frodsham for making our team’s dream come true!

Meet Jack the d3t Llama![meta_gallery_slider id=”4075″ show_title=”false” show_caption=”true” show_description=”false” slider_height=”700″ design=”design-10″ dots=”false” arrows=”false” autoplay=”false” autoplay_speed=”3000″ speed=”500″ loop=”true”][vc_separator border_width=”10″]


We know that our awesome team is our strength and many of our policies and initiatives are aimed at ensuring our team loves coming to work at d3t. In 2017, d3t was named a GamesIndustry.biz Best Place to Work and also won the Halton Business Awards for Innovation in Health & Wellbeing. It’s something we take seriously.

As part of our policy to put our team at the forefront of our operation, we have an anonymous Suggestions Box which we review every month. Submissions are invited from every team member and range from the practical to the (sometimes very!) creative. Wherever possible, we will implement ideas.

To date, some Team Wins include:

However, it’s recently been brought to our attention that one idea has been submitted consistently for over THE LAST 2 YEARS and has been turned down every month. It may help to view our gallery to give you an idea of what we’re up against here…

We have also had to refuse an office dog and an office guinea pig. In doing so, we had hoped that maybe, just maybe, the ‘anonymous’ staff member would take the hint. They haven’t, as you can see we are STILL getting requests! So, we thought we’d better give it some attention in this official news item.

Now, we REALLY try not to refuse requests given in our suggestion box, but there’s just no other way to put this:

A LLAMA? SERIOUSLY? A LLAMA????? – NO! Nice try though! – Always worth a try!

We are deeply sorry, and admit this is a difficult one to take, but if the anonymous team member needs support, there’s always plenty of tea and biscuits in the canteen… ?


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