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d3t welcomes Adam, Associate Technical Artist

23rd Jun 2020

Experience / Career Background

Prior to joining d3t I was working at AO.com as a 3D modeller creating high poly assets for the digital marketing team, and helping to improve pipeline by creating tools and processes for artists use. Before this I was working freelance around the Doncaster area providing 3D visualisation for restaurants, bars, and coffee shops around the UK.

Why d3t?

d3t seems like a great company to hone my skills as a technical artist whilst debuting in the games development scene. I can also say that I thoroughly enjoy the process of creating something with a team of creative talented individuals, whom seem abundant at d3t.

Fun fact:

I love to cook and eat food! I’m always cooking up something new and interesting in the kitchen. I have also recently got into baking after years of failure as a baker! Fun fact: Recently I bought a BBQ and it then rained for a solid week!



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