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d3t welcomes Alex Neumann

2nd Apr 2019

Alex Neumann joined the d3t team as a Junior Programmer on 25th March 2019. Alex tells us a bit more about himself…

Tell us about your background and experience prior to d3t?

I studied Physics at the University of Leicester and during my time there, I went to Australia for a year where I was able to complete a few Computer Science courses. This led me to playing around with OpenGL and DirectX APIs in my free time as I had always been interested in games & graphical rendering. During my final year at university, I applied to various roles and landed a job in the web/app industry at a company called Cantarus. After 7 months of working, I realised that my passion lied towards the games industry and applied to d3t.

Why d3t?

d3t allows you to work on many different projects, each project has its own set unique challenges and you can be working on a different part of game programming each time. At interview, it was clear that the company is super friendly, and everyone loved working hereā€¦ and I wanted to be a part of that!

What was the recruitment process like?

The process was quick, friendly and very enjoyable. After applying for the role, I received a 24-hour coding challenge where I was tasked with implementing various features into a game. This enabled me to showcase the best of my abilities and I found it extremely fun that I ended up spending a lot of time on the challenge. Shortly after submitting the coding challenge, I received an offer to go to interview where I was interviewed by Phil & Scott. The interview was very friendly and laidback, and both Phil & Scott put me right at ease at the start of the interview. Later that day, I received a job offer.

Tell us some fun facts about yourself.

Other than gaming when I get a chance in my free time, I am currently learning the guitar and when the weather is good, I enjoy going for long rides on my bicycle.If you want to join our talented team, why not check out our vacancies?


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