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d3t welcomes Andrew, Associate Programmer

17th Nov 2020

Experience / Career Background

I graduated BSc Computer Science w/ Games Development from Northumbria University in 2019 with First Class Honours. I have spent the last year studying MSc Advanced Computer Science, which I’ll be graduating from in… well, as soon as the world gets back to normal!

At Northumbria, I helped to run the NUGameDev society, with weekly meet-ups and made some great games as part of game jams as well as some awful games that hopefully never see the light of day again.

Why d3t?

Just on their website you can see how happy and homely a place d3t is and that sort of supportive environment is much needed, especially for those newer to the industry (like me!). The coding challenge I was asked to complete ahead of the interview was actually an engaging task that I could get my teeth into, whereas other companies often just throw around a random unrelated set of boilerplate technical questions.

After my interview and throughout my first few days here, d3t has proved to not just preach those values for the sake of it but actually implement meaningful policies to make sure everyone is comfortable & cared for. They’ve been a great help in getting me set up with all the equipment I need.

Fun fact:

I’m trying really hard to say more than just “games”, here. I’ve got more hours on RocketLeague than I’d like to admit (and I still kinda suck). Big MCU fan; even bigger Spider-Man fan. For some reason 50% of my socks are Christmas themed, I swear it’s not intentional.

I was born with severe hypodontia, which basically means my brain forgot to make my adult teeth, so I’ve had fake teeth since 21 – wooo! When we’re not all wearing masks, its usually fun to see how long it takes people to notice, often it takes a few weeks if not months.



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