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d3t welcomes back Peter Yates, Designer

27th Aug 2020

Experience / Career Background

I have worked in the games industry since 2006. I’ve also taught in Colleges and Universities across the UK and before that I did many, many different jobs.

Why d3t?

I think d3t is a paragon of how a business can run if the employees are placed in higher regard.

Fun fact:

I have played the Yorkshire Ripper, bank robbers, pimps, vagrants and everything in between over 20 years of television background work. I miss it dearly.

I once read the weather on Hungarian satellite television! I have done martial arts since I was 19 and even ran my own Kung Fu school for 8 years. I now practice Catch Wrestling and BJJ. No chance of that at the moment though during these strange times.

I am very proud that I am the reason d3t uses #GoTeam and seems to have a weird fascination with Llamas.



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