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d3t welcomes Becca, Associate Technical Artist

23rd Jun 2020

Experience / Career Background

I studied Games Art and Design at Norwich University of The Arts. After graduating, I worked on a variety of small projects and game jams, while also doing various day jobs, just to make sure I didn’t starve! I’m certainly excited to be able to do the thing I love full time instead!

Why d3t?

I was interested in being able to work on a wide variety of games. The good things I’ve heard about d3t’s healthy work culture were very much supported by the application process. At every stage I was given plenty of opportunity to organise things in a way that worked around my life, and everyone I spoke to was incredibly pleasant.

Fun fact:

The game that got me into games was The Sims, since I played it with my cousin when I was little, and she holds that fact over me to this day. When we moved into my current house, my collection of dice, gemstones and random interesting rocks took up a full cabinet, several bowls, and a drawer. Otherwise, I have a whole lot of weird knowledge about incredibly random, specific topics – although I know absolutely nothing about movies.



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