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d3t welcomes Ben Burns, Animator

5th Jun 2020

Experience / Career Background

d3t is my first full time animation roll having previously worked as a freelance animator in Mainframe North and Flipbook Studios. Career highlight was working on two ‘Bleeding Edge’ cinematic game trailers for Microsoft.

Why d3t?

Everything d3t offered as a studio appeals to me, from the values, morals, work ethics, variety of projects and continued growth. I love the anti-crunch ethos, this means I can animate to a high level and not worry about losing quality due to time restrictions.

Fun fact:

I was previously working in a gym and was a Personal Trainer for many years, very much into bodybuilding and the fitness industry. No one would ever believe me when I said my dream was to be an Animator, and the look on their face when I told them was priceless. But at heart I am a big geek and I love film, gaming, digital painting and most importantly what I do. Animating for a living; there is no better feeling.

As well as being an avid Manchester United supporter, I’ve recently started playing football again with a group of friends to keep those fitness levels up. I also love spending quality time with my wife travelling to different places and having mini adventures.



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