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d3t welcomes Beth, Associate Artist

17th Nov 2020

Experience / Career Background

I’ve completed a BA and (very recently) an MA in Games Design over the past 4 years. Throughout the last year of that I worked on “serious” game projects in an anti-crime and terrorism research company, as well as contracted on a couple of projects for a VR company. I’m insanely excited to be starting at d3t for my first job in games!

Why d3t?

d3t instantly struck me as an incredibly friendly and welcoming place to work! Even just during my interview I felt comfortable and at ease within the first few minutes.

Now that I’ve started, I can safely say I couldn’t have asked for a friendlier bunch of people to be working with! There is no pressure, and loads of support has been given to help me get to grips with new workflows and things which is all hugely reassuring.

Fun fact:

Two of my favourite hobbies are playing guitar and going to gigs. I spend an unholy amount of my life listening to music, watching Viking related TV shows and drinking copious amounts of beer. I’d be a real connoisseur by now if Wetherspoons draughts and Aldi knock offs weren’t the only things I drank in my student years.



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