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d3t welcomes Bruno

16th Dec 2019

Experience / Career Background

I have had over 9 years of experience working in the Financial Services Industry in either a people management or project management capacity. My most recent positions were as a Business Improvement Executive at Bupa, following which I worked as an Operations Analyst for Barclays. My focus has always been on transformation, change and delivering ‘tough-to-finish’ projects.

Why d3t?

While I enjoyed project management in the banking and insurance sector, I was never really passionate about the content or products involved. I have a true obsession with computer games and have heard many great things about d3t from current and past staff members. I wish I had made the change to Games Development sooner, but I thought it wasn’t possible. It just goes to show that skill-sets are transferable!

What was the recruitment process like?

Everybody was genuinely friendly and easy to talk to. The interview was relaxed but covered everything you’d expect it to. It was nice to connect with people and talk about a shared interest instead of the usual hoop-jumping I was used to at previous firms. The first morning’s induction was thorough and well-presented.

Fun fact about yourself / hobby / specialism/ driving force:

My real name is Bronek (Polish grandparents), I have 9 siblings, I’m bilingual (English and French) and have a good grasp of Spanish and Russian too. I’m a Mental Health First Aider with strong coaching skills, (I have seriously considered training as a life coach!)



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