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d3t welcomes Corrie, Associate Programmer

21st Jul 2020

Experience / Career Background

This is my first professional job within the games industry here at d3t. I graduated from Solent University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Games Software Development. Of my time there, my favourite work consisted of the implementation of a range of development tools and libraries such as Wwise and DirectX.

Why d3t?

d3t impressed me with the variety of titles they work on. I saw this as a great opportunity to start my career right in the thick of it. During the application process I got a taste of the atmosphere and attitude of those that worked here. It was extremely positive and further solidified d3t as the ideal place for me.

Fun fact:

Outside of the games industry, I enjoy playing guitar in my spare time, watching F1 and generally hanging around with good friends. The sun also makes me sneeze sometimes.



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