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d3t welcomes Diana-Alina Dobrescu, Programming Intern

21st Sep 2021

Experience / Career Background

I have just finished my third year at The University of Manchester and joined d3t for a placement year. Experience-wise, I have been working on multiple personal projects as well as being part of an amazing student society of game developers for the last 2 years at university.

Why d3t?

I first got introduced to d3t as part of a career fair at university and everyone seemed very friendly and in love with what they were doing. I was thrilled when I secured my placement this year, as d3t not only offers an amazing environment to work in, but it also gives a lot of variety in terms of the work we can do throughout the internship.

Fun fact and hobbies?

I have recently started learning how to play the guitar, which is very exciting. Apart from that, most of my free time is spent on hanging out with friends, playing Minecraft and trying to be active by either dancing or going on walks.

In the evenings my favourite activity is watching true crime makeup videos and embroidering.


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