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d3t Welcomes Eva

1st Sep 2019

Experience / Career Background:

I’m a soon-to-be Masters graduate from Bournemouth University (my hand-in’s next week! Fingers crossed for me!) in 3D Computer Animation, so I’m the fresh-faced baby of the company I think! I worked freelance doing bits and bobs for the past 5 years, including pharmaceutical packaging, comics, graphic design, as well as running a little company doing the UK comic conventions circuit. Other than that, d3t is my first studio job and I’m loving it here!


Why d3t?

I really liked the flexibility of work when doing freelance but hated the isolation of it- but d3t combines the exciting, every day is something new vibe of work-for-hire with a great team and a comfortable studio environment. And hey, I love making games!


What was the recruitment process like?

Surprisingly easy? Matt (Head of Art) and Woody (Lead Artist) were really understanding about my schedule and the distance from Bournemouth, and I had a chat with them on Skype (not without lost connection though!) before coming up to see the Runcorn studio. I was so nervous but they showed me round the studio and introduced me to everyone- they were all super friendly, Samantha in admin even helped me out with finding a place to stay which was unexpected but really helpful, especially not knowing the area too well. I left feeling so excited to start work!


Fun fact about yourself / hobby / specialism/ driving force:

I keep houseplants- and I mean a lot of them! I think at one point I was nearing 100 of them, but I obviously had to give away a lot of them when I moved out of Bournemouth. I’d love to see a greater appreciation for plants in games- I did a few for Unreal for my Masters but I want to try to combine my experience with environment art with my love for weird plants some day!



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