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d3t welcomes Fraser, Associate Programmer

23rd Jun 2020

Experience / Career Background

d3t is my first full time programming roll in the games industry having recently graduated from the Computer Games Technology course at Abertay University. A University highlight was working on an exciting 3D task management game for an industry client, and talking about my honours project at the Abertay Digital Graduate Showcase.

Why d3t?

Each time d3t visited the University, they kept piquing my interest as a potential workplace. Even before I have started, I have met so many nice people that just want to help me get working as quickly and as comfortably as possible. The great work/life balance is also amazing to have at a first job in the industry. I cannot wait to see what exciting things are in store for me and the rest at d3t!

Fun fact:

You may recognise me from my time as: A Dalek, K-9 – the doctors’ loyal companion, Woody – Buzz lightyears best friend, and Bender, the mischievous robot from Futurama. In my downtime I like to bake, largely recipes from my Gran, but one day I will make something to live up to her standards…



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