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d3t welcomes Lewis Draper, Associate Programmer

26th Mar 2021

Experience / Career Background

I studied Computer Science at the University of Liverpool and graduated in 2018. At the time I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do, and I ended up in the aerospace industry writing test software for factory test equipment. Game development has always been something that has interested me, and I am very happy to finally be doing that for a living.

Why d3t?

I have wanted to enter the game development industry for a long time. d3t seemed like a great place to do this and get good experience working on games across all genres while remaining close to my home in Liverpool.

Fun fact:

I have 2 sausage dogs called Bertie & Sunny and they are hilarious. (That’s as fun a fact as I can think of right now.)

Since lockdown started, I have really gotten into both cycling and running.



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