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d3t welcomes Lewis Rigby, Associate IT Engineer

26th Mar 2021

Experience / Career Background

I studied BSc Computing at UCLAN and went on to work as a Technical Support Engineer at a cloud-based MSP before going for the opportunity to work here in an industry that I love!

Why d3t?

I have always been passionate about games since first playing Sonic 2 on the Mega Drive at around 2/3 years old, so it has always been a dream to work in the industry. d3t seemed like an amazing place to work and I am loving it so far! The great work-life balance and friendly culture were also very appealing to me.

Fun fact:

My main hobby has always been gaming, and I have played in a few small competitive tournaments in games like CSGO, Team Fortress 2 and Smash Bros.

Fun Fact: I beat Ornstein and Smough in Dark Souls 1 in only 2 attempts in my first ever playthrough.



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