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d3t Welcomes Phil Grealey as QA Tester

15th Aug 2016

Phil Grealey started with d3t as QA Tester on 15th August 2016.

In his own words, Phil tells us a bit more about his background and what makes him tick:

I’d had a number of jobs prior, some of which involved some programming, but d3t was my first job in the industry. I had also studied Computer Game Development part time at Futureworks, Manchester for three years before starting at d3t.

Why d3t?

During my time studying at Futureworks, my tutor Peter Yates, who is now my manager on the QA team, would often brag about how great the studio was to work for, how talented the people are and how interesting and rewarding the projects are. Towards the end of my course Pete said there might be a place for me at the d3t if I kept my work up. It sounded like a dream job and not long after getting my results, I contacted Pete to begin the recruitment process. I jumped at the opportunity and never looked back!

I’ve been at the studio for a short while now and have seen first-hand what Pete had been talking about. There is a great work atmosphere here at d3t. Everyone works extremely hard to produce some of the best quality of work I’ve seen and yet the studio is a relaxed and fun place to be, getting up for work has never been so easy.

Even from day one I have always felt supported and apart of the team, and the amount to be learned here from my fellow colleagues seems endless.

What was the recruitment process like?

Firstly, I was given task to complete at home. I was given a link to an old Sega Mega Drive flash game online in which I had to locate and document a known bug within the game. It was a lot of fun but funnily enough, I wasn’t able to reproduce the bug, however the answer I gave and how I documented it was satisfactory and I was invited in for an on-site interview.

The interview was a mix of general interview questions targeted more at the industry, and just general questions about my experience, likes and dislikes, hobbies and interest etc.

I was called back the following morning and given the good news. I couldn’t wait to start as soon as I got the offer.

Interesting facts we should know?

It’s safe to say I have an interest in video games. I prefer to play locally with friends or on my own if the game has a gripping storyline. When I get time to do so I enjoy doing a bit of 3D modelling or even having a go at creating my own game if I get an idea that I get really excited about. Another great thing about working at d3t is you have the facilities, equipment and software to do these things in your own time if you wish. It’s a great way to spend a lunch time when you wouldn’t be doing anything else, or even waiting for the traffic to quiet down after work.


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