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d3t welcomes Shariqua Wahid as QA Tester

15th Aug 2016

d3t welcomed Shariqua Wahid as QA Tester on 15th August 2016.

In her own words, Shariqua tells us a bit more about her background and what drives her:

I studied a BSC Games Design degree at The University of Bolton and graduated with a First Class Honours. I was taught Games Programming, Art, Level Design, Audio and Narrative mainly using Unity and Unreal.

Why d3t?

Accepting the job offer for d3t was the best decision I have made. For me being able to start my journey here has been such an exciting experience especially with the newly formed friendships I have made with strong experienced people. There’s a great balance of professionalism and management are always sure people have what they need. The variety of projects d3t work on was also a big factor of why I couldn’t wait to start here. Being multi-skilled in Design has opened up possible future roles here which management fully support me on. When given the free time, I am able to spend time with the artists and programmers to give my input and to also learn from them. I also attend Design meetings as this is where I want to steer my future. This is a company you really want to work for. You are not a number, you are a major part of d3t.

What was the recruitment process like?

d3t have a great interest in being involved with Universities and hold many presentations/workshops for students. I had met the Head of Design from d3t at my University Degree Show and I was able to personally sit down with him and have a chat about my work. He then handed me his card and advised I apply at d3t. I was then sent a test to complete and was invited in for an interview. Two weeks later I received a job offer which matched perfectly in time with my graduation.

Interesting things we should know?

I go to work to deal with games and I also go home to deal with games. I genuinely enjoy game development and am always learning new skills with different gaming engines and software. Reading books on Game Design and how to link it with psychology in particular is my interest. This then branches onto art, colour theory and asset placement. I find psychology of the human brain such an important part of game design that should be considered. This is what drives the player!


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