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d3t welcomes Tomas Savickas, Programming Intern

21st Jul 2020

Experience / Career Background

I have just finished my 2nd year of Computer Science at the University of Manchester while also working as a Backend Software Engineer. I do not have any real game development experience yet, aside from fun hackathon throwaway games I made with my friends. However, I am slowly working my way to understanding various bits and pieces by tinkering on some personal rendering / game engine projects.

Why d3t?

I have met Phil (Head of Engineering) in multiple game development related events, so d3t’s name stuck with me, not to mention that I have always been interested in game development. When I looked into it, I found that probably no other company could provide such a huge variety of projects! So, I snatched this opportunity as fast as I could.

Fun fact:

I like video games; I know a shocker! I also play volleyball as a libero in the University team and am a frequent participant of “Mindfights” – a version of a pub quiz that is less trivia focused.



Thinking of Starting a Project?