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d3t welcomes Vlad Oancea, Technical Artist Intern

2nd Sep 2022

Please detail a bit of information about your experience/career background?

I first started making games back in high school after medium intrigued me, because it allowed me to use both my programming skills, as well as my creative and artistic inclinations. Continuing to pursue this path, I was introduced to a wonderful local community of game developers, which helped and encouraged me to chase the dream of pursuing a career within the games industry.

From hosting and participating in game jams, to undertaking personal projects, I moved on to a higher education in this field, as well as getting the opportunity to collaborate with professional studios, all of which has allowed me to achieve my goal of becoming a game Technical Artist.

Now, I am eager to finish my degree, jump into full-time work within the industry, and see what my future holds.

Why d3t?

I see d3t as one of the industries creative powerhouses, after leaving a big imprint on the market with their work on such a variety of incredible projects, from The Witcher 3 to Guardians of the Galaxy. It would be an immense opportunity for me to get to learn from teams with so much experience, as well as to help facilitate the tools that allow these developers to produce such polished products.

I also had the chance to meet some of the members of the team at Develop: Brighton 2021 and I got a glimpse of the warm and friendly community that they are as a studio.

What do you love about games?

For me, games offer something no other medium can. While more traditional art is made to appeal to one’s senses, games provide an extra dimension through their interactive factors.

Suddenly, you as the player can change the outcome of the artefact in front of you. You are allowed to explore, to experiment, to experience the final product in the way you choose. This factor in particular opens up so many possibilities which classical artists, scientists, engineers have never been able to properly consider.

I believe in the power of interaction, both as an entertainment and learning medium, and I am thrilled to see what the ongoing developments in technology can do for us to elevate games to even higher standards.

What games are you currently playing, and what is your favourite game?

When I simply want to relax, I mostly enjoy multiplayer games, from Overwatch, Warzone, and Super Smash Bros, to even the occasional Minecraft game. I do, however, sporadically feel the need of an interesting story, with my favourite game being Undertale. Currently I am also playing through Stray.

Do you have any fun facts or hobbies?

The problem with turning your main hobby into your job is that it becomes tricky to figure out when you’re working and when you’re enjoying time off! But if I were to mention things outside of game dev, I quite enjoy clearing my head on biking trips, learning to cook, and video editing.


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