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d3t welcomes Zak

3rd Apr 2020


Experience / Career Background

This is my first position in the games industry! My experience consists of a combination of introductory programming courses at University and, (more significantly) time spent self-teaching, almost entirely in the Unity engine.

Why d3t?

d3t offered an impressive looking employee support/care package. The position is broad in that I am not limited to working on a single area of game programming, which was ideal because I have yet to find an area I would choose to specialise in. All points of contact during the recruitment process where polite and friendly and I enjoyed the test and interview!

Fun fact:

I write and record music when I have both the time and the inspiration. I play guitar (acoustic, electric and bass) and piano/keys, I sing, and I program the drums digitally. There are several songs sitting on my computer in various states of completion waiting for me to have enough material to release an album.



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