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Introducing Ian Moran, Programmer

18th Sep 2017

Ian Moran joined the d3t team as a Programmer on 4th September 2017. Here Ian tells us a bit more about himself…

Where did you work prior to d3t?

I am an experienced programmer, having been in the industry for many years.

I have worked at several studios including Special FX as Programmer of coin op conversions and film titles on Amiga: Untouchables, Robocop2, Midnight Resistance, and Hudson Hawk.

Also Rage Software as Founding director and programmer on titles including Striker and Incoming series’, FIFA. Covering platforms including SNES, PC, XBOX and PS2.

Indy Games: Rolling XBOX/PS2.

Juice / THQ: Juiced racing series, Engine code on PC, XBOX360, and PS3.

Evolution Studios / Sony: Motorstorm RC, DriveClub and PSVR prototype work, engine port and low level for Vita, PS4, PSVR.

And at Secret Sorcery I developed Tethered for VR, Oculus / Steam / PSVR.

Why d3t?

I applied to d3t for the great people and the interestingly different alternative to usual cyclical development process.

What was the recruitment process like?

Very pleasant!

Tell us some interesting facts about yourself.

Beyond the love of exciting places new technology takes us, I also love photography and crash testing quadcopters.

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