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Marlon Completes Internship Programme

25th Aug 2017

Our very first intern Marlon Gilliam today completes his d3t Internship Programme to return to the University of Lincoln to study for his MSc in Computer Science.

We’d like to thank Marlon for all his hard work and contribution. It’s been a pleasure and we wish him well for the future!

Marlon joined us on 30th May 2017 and has completed a schedule of activities that included learning new skills on our Programming and QA teams as well as collaborating on live projects with our 2D and 3D Art Services team.

Here’s what Marlon has to say about his time with us:

“I was attracted to d3t for a summer internship as they work on a large variety of projects and I saw this as a good opportunity to widen my skillset. From day one I was given work that was valuable both for the company and for my personal development (no tea duty).

“This did mean that at first, I was quite hesitant with my work as I didn’t want to make any embarrassing mistakes. This was quelled however as the company encourages teamwork so well, and because the team are so good at their work, I was always able to turn to a friendly face when I needed some advice.

“During my time here, I worked on a variety of projects and got the chance to improve many of my technical skills. Some of my work involved direct contact with clients which allowed me to gain useful knowledge of how to converse with clients. “One of the biggest things I gained from my time here is my knowledge of how projects are managed and how development cycles work. I was really impressed by how well d3t manages to keep a relaxed atmosphere whilst still managing to uphold a professional and organised project management structure with all the work that goes on.

“Aside from just work, I was also welcomed into a great social scene at d3t. There are numerous clubs and groups that do a bunch of fun after work activities. These were a great way to bond with the team and they really helped me feel at home when at work.

“The company also manages to host great social events. I was lucky enough to be there for d3t’s 6th birthday which encompassed an awesome lunch, packed full of fun activities and delicious foods.

“d3t hosts quarterly Show and Tells where team members present work from all the different projects that are going on, so that everyone is kept up to date. I was asked to do a presentation for the summer Show and Tell and I was surprised and flattered that I was given the opportunity. It was a good chance for me to practice my public speaking skills, as well as have a good laugh at the same time.

I honestly don’t think that I could have found a better place than d3t for my internship as I can’t imagine any other business giving me such valuable experience over so many areas. I will miss the place and everyone in it when I’m gone and I wish them all the best for the future.”

If you want to know more about opportunities at d3t please check out our Internships and Vacancies pages. 


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