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Richard Badger

Head of Studio Richard Badger grew up in South London, Germany and South Africa, moving to North West of England at the age of 13 – the place he regards as his spiritual home.

Richard attended Altrincham Grammar School for Boys and became a teenage bedroom coder writing, by his own admission, pretty terrible games on Spectrum and BBC Micro. If the skill had not yet developed, the interest was definitely there, and Richard went on to study a Combined Engineering degree at Coventry University, majoring in Computing, Mathematics and Mechanical Engineering.

In 1992, Richard joined British Nuclear Fuels working on earthquake simulation technology. Then Sony launched the 32-bit PlayStation and more importantly ‘Wipeout’. This was the game Richard had always dreamt of writing and it inspired him to return to university to study for a Master’s in Software Engineering. As part of his dissertation Richard joined a flight simulation company in Warrington called Digital Image Design and went on to take up a full-time job with the company as Senior Game Programmer. This is where Richard first met Steve Powell.

Richard went on to become Lead Programmer and Project Manager at Rage Games, before becoming a founding member of Juice Games and taking up position as Project Manager / Producer. In 2005 Juice won ‘Best New Studio’ at the Develop Awards. THQ subsequently acquired the company, making Juice THQ’s first European studio.

THQ shipped Red Faction: Battlegrounds and Warhammer 40000 Killteam before finally closing its doors. Richard took the opportunity to move into the corporate arena of the BBC working as Programme Manager and Development Manager for BBC Future Media and BBC Digital respectively. It was while at the BBC that Richard encountered d3t Ltd when they were engaged on a couple of consultation projects.

Impressed by d3t’s professionalism, niche market as a work for hire company, agility and strategy for growth, Richard responded to an advert for General Manager and joined the d3t team in 2016. In June 2018, Richard was appointed Head of Studio.

In his spare time, Richard loves cycling, taking to the Peaks almost every weekend.

A talented and skilful pianist Richard plays for a 30+ contemporary choir based in Knutsford, raising thousands of pounds for charity. Richard is husband to a marvellous Welsh wife and father of two wonderful daughters.

Richard can never find enough time to play games.


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