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d3t is a work-for-hire studio that specialises in co-development, remasters, and ports. Between our team of Artists, Designers, Engineers, Producers and Quality Assurers, we have over 500 years of experience within the games industry. This has provided us with an encyclopaedic knowledge of games development that we input into each new project that we take on, including on Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy.

The Brief

Eidos Montreal approached d3t to deliver a top-tier PC port for Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy. The brief was clear. To bring the motley crew of fan-favourite heroes to audiences on PC, whilst pushing the limits of platform to get the most out of the game for fans.


The Challenge

A key factor to this project was ensuring that we created an experience that was not only right for PC players, but also one that respected and focused on a PC centric input.

We were also keen to align and maintain PC specifics against the console graphics pipeline and rendering, with the exception of delivering ray traced DXR graphics for the platform, beyond that of its console counterparts.


The Outcomes

Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy offers a refreshing re-telling of a motley crew of fan-favourite heroes – a story which won Best Narrative at The Game Awards. Our work built upon this foundation to maximum effect, which included implementing features such as:

  • Developing the DX12 renderer in parity with console and adding fully customisable graphical and performance settings to scale for a wide range of hardware.
  • Adding rendering acceleration technologies Nvidia DLSS2 and AMD FSR, which amplified performance with stunning visual quality at up to 8k rendering.
  • Large aspect multi-monitor setups and ultrawide displays were catered for and a system of dynamic set piece framing was implemented enabling dramatic wide screen enveloping play.
  • PC centric customisable keyboard and mouse control systems for interaction across all standard and exotic modes of gameplay were developed with d3t design and engineering. User tests were then followed up on with iteration to arrive at the result.
  • The d3t compatibility suite, QA and working with both Nvidia and AMD labs ensured a wide range of hardware was validated, this was essential to ensure issues and driver problems were identified and ironed out. Labs at Nvidia and AMD also validated for performance across configurations.
  • d3t were able to use the extensive knowledge of our engineers to optimise the stability and performance of the game across a wide swathe of hardware configurations to provide a seamless gameplay experience with impressive fps even on Ultra settings and in 4k.
  • Collaborating diligently with our friends at Nvidia and managing feature branches and adding appropriate options meant raytracing could be fully integrated for launch, further enhancing the visuals of an already beautiful title on capable hardware.
  • Store specifics were managed for three stores (Steam, Epic and Windows Store), this included for example platform specific implementations for achievements and storage.

The Results

What is extremely pleasing to us is that the results of our work have not gone unnoticed. From a client standpoint we have formed a strong working partnership with Eidos Montreal, which is emphasised through the positive feedback we have received from the team. Including from the Senior Technical Producer, who highlighted that:

“Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy has been excellent project with a fantastic reception from players! 95% positive feedback on Steam! I am totally convinced that our collaboration with d3t is key to this success, it would have been a different result without this strong partnership, a solid team spirit between d3t and Eidos, but also with Nvidia! Thanks to d3t, for all the hard and professional work! This is a team success that everyone can be proud of!”

       Senior Technical Producer, Eidos Montreal

This is a sentiment that is further supported with the overall reception Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy has received from players and critics alike.

Not only has it received a variety of awards for its story, gameplay, and soundtrack, but our work on the PC platform was also nominated at this year’s Canadian Video Games Awards within the Best PC category.

Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy has also been commended through the critical reviews, with titles such as IGN (scored 8/10), PC Gamer (70/100), GamesRadar (4/5), GameSpot (7/10), and Metro (8/10) all placing the game in high regard, with some also identifying that the game ‘might be better than the movies.

These critical successes coincide with a strong score of 78 on Metacritic for PC and an overwhelmingly 95% positive review score on Steam. Further highlighting the success that our work has had for our client Eidos Montreal.




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