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Phil Owen joins d3t as Head of Engineering

8th Aug 2018

Phil Owen joined the d3t team as Head of Engineering on the 9th July 2018. We asked Phil to tell us a bit more about himself…

Tell us about your background and experience prior to d3t?

I started in the games industry in 1994 working in the QA department at Digital Image Design. After completing my degree, I moved into the role of Junior Programmer. From Digital Image Design I went to Rage Games and then onto work at Warthog Games in 2003. I moved from Warthog Games to Juice Games in 2005 to be a Lead Programmer. From Juice Games I then moved to a small company called Embryonic Studios which were, soon after I joined, bought by Traveller’s Tales and became TT Fusion, based in Wilmslow. Traveller’s Tales were then bought by Warner Brothers. I spent 11 years there and worked my way up to be Head of Programming. In total I have 26 released Games.

Why d3t?

I have been aware of d3t since the beginning as I have known Jamie Campbell and Steve Powell for many years. I have seen the company grow and felt the opportunity to be Head of Engineering was too good to ignore. There are also good people here that I have also worked with in the past like Richard Badger and Noel Austin.

What was the recruitment process like?

Very easy and very professional.

Tell us a fun fact, a hobby and a specialism Phil:

Fun fact: I like to wear extravagant shirts, have a big beard and drive a Mustang.

Hobbies: playing games, watching football and growing fiercely hot chilli plants.

Specialism: Daemon Souls, Dark Souls (1 2 & 3) and Bloodborne.

And what’s your driving force?

My driving force is red wine! If you want to join our talented team, why not check out our vacancies?


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