2D and 3D Art Services

d3t has a world-class reputation for its award-winning programming and code development services. In addition, we now offer 2D and 3D Art concept work, pre-production and production as stand-alone services. Our in-house Art Team will work with you as an external development partner, bringing your concepts and ideas to life.

Our diverse experience makes us uniquely positioned to deliver: Character creation (concept, sculpt, low poly, texturing and rigging), Vehicle creation (concept, hi poly, low poly and texturing), Environment creation (concept, hi poly, low poly and texturing), Concept art, Storyboarding, UI/UX, Pre visualisation, 3D animation, Lighting and atmospheric design, Particle fx, Post pro/ colour grading.

Our Art Services will appeal to clients currently using offshore vendors, where d3t can act as consultant on technical aspects of offshore art production, quality and fidelity assurance, and Western cultural aspects of game artwork. d3t Art Services will also appeal to vendors wanting to enhance their value proposition by augmenting high-capacity production teams with highly skilled, experienced artists based in the UK. This will enable vendors to offer their clients the benefits of an external development partner in the GMT time zone and a European location. d3t operate in a transparent way and provide our Art Services clients with access to real-time production data through a project dashboard, ensuring you keep in touch with progress wherever and whenever.

We will work with you to deliver your artwork to your specification utilising state of the art software and platforms: 3DS Max, Maya, Mudbox, Zbrush, Substance, Quixel Suite (dDo), Photoshop, Adobe illustrator, Unreal engine, Cry Engine, Lumberyard, Unity, Flash, Spine.

We have a proven track record delivering the best gaming and interactive experiences across: Mobile games, AAA titles, VR, Apps, educational games.