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Spotlight: Jason Lee, Programmer

16th Jan 2024


How did your career begin?

I graduated from Liverpool John Moores University back in 2020, where I achieved a first-class degree in Computer Games Development.

During my final year there, I also worked as an intern at RenderNation which involved exploring gamified techniques to improve their workflows.

How did you get your job at d3t?

After attending plenty of talks related to ‘Getting a Job in the Games Industry’. I was able to understand what studios were looking for in an applicant and how to tailor my CV and portfolio to secure a job. Once I had polished up my CV and portfolio, I contacted d3t and secured an interview.

What do you do day-to-day in your role?

I kick off my day by chatting with other project members, typically catching up and having a friendly chat before jumping into our stand up meeting. In this meeting we can discuss any blockers, reach out for help and offer any assistance to other team members.

After stand up I will identify which tasks I’ll be working on for the day. This involves writing and maintaining code, investigating bugs and new features, and contributing to code reviews.

What is it like working at d3t?

d3t is an excellent company to work for, they truly put their employee’s needs first and offer excellent flexibility with their hybrid working. This is achievable because of d3t’s quality of work, and the standards showcased across the fields.

Working alongside industry veterans, who have worked on a magnitude of games, gives me the opportunity to continue developing my skills. In fact, I’d have to say that being surrounded by some of the top talent in the industry is one of the many great benefits of working here.

Since joining d3t, I have worked on some fantastic AAA games and this catalogue only continues to grow. Working with some of the largest studios and publishers, in the industry, demonstrates the standard of work produced by us all here.

What has been your most memorable moment working within the industry?

Working on my first title and experiencing the project launch. It’s a sense of achieving something great with an amazing group of people. You get to see everybody’s hard work pay off and a game that is enjoyed by the players.

Do you have any tips for people looking to get into the games industry?

A solid portfolio is by far the most important thing you need. If you can showcase your personal projects and provide some context regarding your work it will go along way. Setting up a portfolio is relatively cheap and simple with most modern website builders. You could go the extra mile and develop it yourself. You don’t have to create a groundbreaking game, a simple game that demonstrates some understanding, across multiple areas, within your chosen field. For example, a programmer could develop a simple 2D side scroller, include an inventory system, powerups and some basic enemies. This demonstrates your Gameplay and AI and UI abilities.

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