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The Inaugural d3t Wellbeing Week

18th Jun 2019

d3t is proud to be holding the very first wellbeing week, next week at the d3t offices. Spanning across five days, the team will take part in activities related to physical, mental and financial health. The initiative aims to put employee wellbeing as a primary focus, instead of the “crunch” environment of which the gaming industry has been criticised for in recent years.

What Is Wellbeing Week?

Here at d3t we will be holding WellBeing week during the last week of June.

d3t WellBeing Week promotes an awareness for the various aspects of wellbeing; social, physical, emotional, financial, health & nutrition.

There will be plenty of activities, should the d3t team choose to get involved to help promote a healthy body and mind.

What’s On During Wellbeing Week?

All sessions are included in the d3t Wellbeing Week, however, there will be opportunity for the team to book further follow up appointments with each of the external presenters should they wish.


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