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Wellbeing Week 2020

15th Jun 2020


We are happy to announce our second annual Wellbeing Week—now being held virtually—to support the physical and mental health of all team members. Beginning from Monday 15th June 2020, this weeklong initiative is dedicated to team welfare, focusing on a unique theme each day to positively impact the lifestyle of d3t team members and encourage wellbeing within the wider gaming community. Participants will take part in group presentations, workshops, remote social gatherings and one-to-one support meetings.

d3t Wellbeing Week is designed to be thought-provoking and inspirational. This year’s themes include:

Monday – FinanceHoward Worth Chartered Accountants are offering one-to-one appointments regarding all things finance related to pensions, mortgages, savings, investments and more straightforward questions too – such as understanding the code on your payslip.

Tuesday – Health & Fitness – A presentation titled “Resilience” will be delivered by Hayley White. An Ultra Adventure Runner, Hayley will talk through preparation, training and racing success; and how these skills help her to navigate these unprecedented times. Hayley has conquered some of the toughest land races in the world, including the Arctic and the Sahara.

Wednesday – Mind – Jake Mackey, Game Partnership Manager at Autistica will provide resources to help attendees better deal with stressful situations. Autistica is the UK’s autism research charity and they exist to give every autistic person the chance of a long, happy, healthy life. Autistica is building many links with companies in the gaming sector, sponsored by studios in the Keywords Group such as Electric Square and Studio Gobo.

Thursday – Relaxation – Co-Active coach Mandy Sinclair is delivering a talk about how to keep our batteries charged. Mandy is also offering one-to-one sessions for anyone who wants extra support.

Friday – Social Interaction – A lunchtime social event will be held courtesy of d3t’s favourite host, local DJ Dave Fowles, alongside the studio’s weekly Friday after work social call.

Originally planned as an in-person event after the success of the studio’s first Wellbeing Week in 2019, this year’s iteration will now take place exclusively online and remotely. As such, d3t has sent out a wellbeing week care package to each team member. The care package contains a stress toy, colouring book and pencils, a healthy snack and a resistance band, fitting with the key themes of Wellbeing Week.


Wellbeing Week Care Package

Helen Powell, Studio Culture Advocate at d3t, explained:

“COVID-19 has provided a challenge to every company. Ensuring that the d3t Wellbeing Week is still inclusive and supportive of our team, even when we can’t physically be together is an important goal. We really didn’t want to cancel our Wellbeing Week at a time that our team needs support more than ever during these difficult circumstances. So we have tweaked it a little, and with some extra preparation it will go ahead as planned.”

Founded in 2011 by Jamie Campbell and Steve Powell—and a part of Keywords Studios since 2017—we have a passion for putting an emphasis on improving our team’s well-being as we continue to develop and grow.

Richard Badger, d3t’s Head of Studio had this to say:

“d3t is committed to the wellbeing of each and every individual that makes up our fabulously vibrant, talented team. We not only strive to work hard and make memorable games at d3t, but also want to create an enjoyable, healthy environment and promote a real sense of team spirit in the gaming industry. That’s what makes d3t a great place to work.”

If you want to join our team and be part of our supportive culture, check out our current vacancies page.


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