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XDS 2018

11th Sep 2018

Following Richard Badger’s presentation at last year’s event, this niche external development summit has become a key event in the d3t calendar. XDS champions the key values: Knowledge Sharing, Collaboration, B2B Networking and Industry Stewardship. The focus is on thought leadership, education and building strong, positive relationships across the industry. The agenda boasts an impressive line-up of industry luminaries, including Keywords Studios CEO, Andrew Day.

Different in tone to many ‘games events’, XDS attracts visitors from within the industry; from developers to vendors and middleware providers.

As a strong B2B event, we focussed on networking with new contacts and reinforcing links with existing partners. Thought provoking presentations covered a diverse range of topics from co-development, business strategy and feedback processes to UI, UX and IP.

An invaluable resource for external development engineers like d3t, we are looking forward to 2019.


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