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d3t Unveil Latest Tech: Virtually Reality Glasses

1st Apr 2019

d3t are extremely proud to reveal their latest concept work, “Virtually Reality Glasses”. Unlike other virtual reality glasses available today, the Virtually Reality Glasses are made from 90% recycled materials and feature “virtually lifelike” graphics. The lack of any electrical components allows the user to be fully immersed in the real world, whilst keeping up appearances and being able to “blend in” at tech meetups around the world.

Head of engineering at d3t, Phil Owen comments:

We are always looking at new ways of improving user experience on the wide range of games that we work on. We had seen other virtual reality glasses on the marketplace and had always thought they looked a bit silly. In the mind of keeping things simple, we developed a prototype that featured zero electrical components, which has helps save the planet and keep our end-user cost way down.”

After a number of focus groups, our test subjects gave feedback such as:

“I can’t see anything” & “It’s just a bit of plastic covering my eyes, what’s the point?”

We took this feedback on board and added glass holes so the user could see more clearly and developed a lightweight (cardboard) frame.


The glasses were taken to famous locations around the world during the testing period. Here is an artists representation of viewing the Leaning Tower of Pisa through the Virtually Reality Glasses.


Stephen Powell, Co-Founder of d3t Ltd comments:

I’m incredibly proud of the team and their work on the Virtually Reality Glasses. I’ve been testing a pair for the last few weeks and they really do work. I can see virtually everything when wearing the glasses, except a lack of peripheral vision due to the cardboard side-wall. I can use them whilst watching TV or playing any of my favourite games.”

The Virtually Reality Glasses are expected to be in stock before New Years Eve 2020, with rumours of limited edition “2020” shaped frames being made available to selected, party-going customers.


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