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d3t welcomes Stuart, Associate Programmer

21st Jul 2020

Experience / Career Background

d3t is my first job within the games industry having come straight from the Computer Games Technology course at Abertay University. During my time there, I worked on various game jam games and met many amazing people.

Why d3t?

My friend Fraser recommended the company directly to me, and from there I looked and saw the interesting projects that d3t were working on and immediately applied. I received and completed the code test and was invited to interview where I spoke to Phil, Sally and Lyndon and got a better sense of the company culture. I thought it was a really inviting place to work with the kind of projects I’d love to work on!

I have met some amazingly nice folks so far and enjoy the work-life balance. I am very happy to start full-time and do what I love!

Fun fact:

I have done STEM/VGA ambassador volunteering for schools in my hometown’s area to educate young people about how games are made. This has been a great opportunity to help guide them into how to get into the games industry, since the countryside can lack in tech opportunities and help for young people.

I also host a small game jam on itch called ‘Potluck game jam’ around September, where the theme/s are randomly decided out of a pool and free stuff is given out.

Baking is one of my hobbies (Cheesecake, Shortbread, Chiffon cake) along with collecting classic Pokémon games!



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