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d3t welcomes Vlad, Associate Programmer

2nd Oct 2020

Experience / Career Background

This is my first job in the games industry. I graduated from the University of Birmingham with a Master’s degree in Computer Science and Software Engineering. I stared making games for my friends in high school and since 2015 I participated in at least 1 ludum dare game jam per year.

Why d3t?

I always wanted to work in the games industry and d3t’s large variety of projects seemed like a great opportunity. Also meeting the team through the interviewing process and seeing the great atmosphere really cemented my desire to work with them.

Fun fact:

I can do a pretty good Bane impression, and I have climbed the highest 3 peaks in Romania. Aside from games, music is my next favourite hobby, followed by hiking.
I spent 8h trying to beat the first boss of Dark Souls using only my fists, I won.



Thinking of Starting a Project?