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Building upon the success of Human: Fall Flat, Curve Digital and No Brakes Games tasked us with implementing community made levels into the main game, then publishing as official levels across all platforms.



d3t were tasked with taking the competition winning level designs made by the community, and polishing them to be on par with the rest of the main game so they can be published as official levels across all platforms.


Our first step was to get the build pipeline set up for consoles. Once this had been achieved, one of the main technical challenges d3t faced was working with community-made levels.

The community level creation tools were a standalone package, and it was never intended that these levels would be added back into the main game. We used this as an opportunity to improve these tools, allowing for better performance and a wider range of options for both us and the community to use.

Staying as close to the creator’s original vision, whilst also making improvements for the benefit of the overall player experience, proved to be a challenge. In some cases, changes were needed due to the Unity physics engine causing too many issues to be present in the main game. d3t openly communicated with the level creators during development and any changes of this nature were always discussed and agreed beforehand.

In addition to implementing the new levels across all platforms, d3t has been simultaneously working on new UI features, fixing legacy bugs within the main game, and adding new skins.

Work on this project continues to move forward as more community workshop competitions are announced, with the number of entries growing each time. d3t look forward to seeing what creations the Human: Fall Flat community conjure up, as each winner provides an exciting new challenge.



The project is still running, and we will continue to work on new levels as the competitions continue to roll out into next year. Our first contribution, “Thermal” is now available across all platforms and has received a great response from the community, reaching third in the charts on Steam, which is very impressive for a game that was originally released in 2016!



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