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We Welcome Ally Noble, Project Manager

28th Nov 2017

Ally Noble became the latest addition to the d3t team when she joined us as a Project Manager on 13th November 2017. Ally tells us a bit more about herself…

Where did you work prior to d3t?

Companies include Imagine Software, my own company Denton Designs, Rage Software, iFone Ltd and Distinctive Developments.

I started as an artist, then set up my own company with some team members after Imagine folded. Our best moment was knocking ourselves off the number one spot in the Gallop charts.

I enjoy the process of game making and have worked at all levels and in all sizes of companies throughout my career.

Why d3t?

People with a known track record, good products and a professional business-minded outlook.

What was the recruitment process like?

Direct and very personal, a good experience!

Tell us some interesting facts about yourself.

After I stopped being a computer artist for a living, I looked for another hands-on creative outlet.

I discovered fused glass and now design and make items for shops around the UK. I also attend artisan events to sell direct. Additionally I am a student on a silversmithing course.

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