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d3t Welcomes Craig Richardson

Craig Richardson joined the team as Junior Programmer in October 2016 and tells us a bit more about himself and working at d3t.

Most of my previous experience before working at d3t was as a student. I studied for a BA in Games Development at the University of West London before completing an MSc in Software Engineering at Teesside University. During my studies I managed to find contract work as a freelance Flash games developer, my biggest client at the time was a company called Spil Games.

Why d3t?

I’ve always been interested in games development and programming, but it’s the wide range of varied projects that really attracted me to d3t. So far here I’ve worked on a large codebase for a big game project as well as building the interactions for the CBBC 2016 advent calendar. That variation means I’m picking up a wide range of skills and it keeps things interesting.

What was the recruitment process like?

The recruitment process was great. I was asked to complete a programming test that involved adding new features to a small 2D game and it was a lot of fun. They were also very quick to get back to me after the interview.

Interesting facts we should know?

My very first taste of games development was around the age of 12 when I managed to get my hands on a now very old version of the Unreal Engine. I spent a lot of time at that age happily building my own environments including forests, caves, jungle temples, and space stations, all complete with secret rooms and death traps. Imagine how surprised I was when I found out that what I’d been having fun doing was an actual job!

Helen Powell Is Marketing Manager

On 7th November d3t appointed Helen Powell as Marketing Manager. Helen, who has been involved in d3t from the outset, tells us more:

I grew up in retail, living above my parent’s traditional shoe shop and I started working there when I was old enough to stand! I qualified in Business, Marketing and Finance at Lancaster & Morecambe College many moons ago, then moved south of the Red Rose county to be with Steve (Powell – d3t co-founder).

My move to Cheshire was followed by a career with Delostar/Service Source Europe, as Purchase Ledger Supervisor progressing to Accounts Co-Ordinator. I also planned and organised many company events for SSE.

I ran my own successful company, MessyMites, which provided messy craft activities and all-inclusive parties for children aged 2-14. This combined my love of all aspects of event planning and business, including all the associated promotion and marketing.

I have a passion for event organising, from school fairs to family parties and love creating themed events, especially Hallowe’en and Christmas grottos. I also advised Lancaster Grand Theatre’s Marketing Manager on promotional ideas and Christmas grotto practicalities.

I am very visual, but also very practical, so I’m always looking to enhance and improve everything around me.

Why d3t?

I was there when Steve and Jamie founded the company and have always been involved  ‘behind the scenes’ so know the company inside out. The d3t business model enables us to work on an incredibly diverse range of projects and this means our team is at the leading edge of development. We have a strong mentoring ethos and I really believe in what d3t does as a company. Plus, it’s a really lively working environment, there’s always a buzz about the place!

What was the recruitment process like?

Interesting! I have been involved with d3t from the start, but it was actually our recently appointed General Manager, Richard Badger, who approached me to consider becoming d3t’s Marketing Manager. The company has grown considerably since we started just over 5 years ago and Richard felt with my experience and knowledge of the company I was ideally placed to become Marketing Manager.  We want to make sure we let the world know about the fantastic work the d3t team delivers!

What would you say is your driving force?

I have a very strong belief in d3t; the people old and new are the heart of it. I believe in the foundations of d3t, the essence of creating a solid company with sustainability and professionalism, yet with a friendly, fun and creative environment in which to work. I want to work alongside the rest of the team to see the company continue to grow. I want to shout to the world how great d3t is!

And, of course, organising parties – I love it!


Shariqua Wahid recently joined d3t as Junior QA Tester after gaining a First from Bolton University and our Head of Design, Hal Sandbach has guest lectured at Bolton University.

So when the University’s games enthusiasts asked us to judge their charity games jam, we were more than happy to help out!

The event ran in support of Special Effect, with more than 60 games students taking part over 48 hours.

And the trophy and goodies go to the winning team who created… No More Broccoli!


There is some fantastic talent coming though our universities, so we are attending a number of graduate career fairs this autumn to let potential employees know all about d3t.

We had an amazing day at Liverpool University’s Science, Engineering and Technology Fair held at the city’s Metropolitan Cathedral.

Graduates in computer science, physics, maths and game development visited our stand and we have made some fantastic contacts. It was great to meet you all!

This was our first graduate event of the season and are looking forward to forthcoming graduate events in Bristol and Stafford.

Find out more about working for d3t and see our current vacancies.

d3t Wins Cheshire Business Award

We are delighted to have been named Business of the Year (11 – 50 Employees) at the glittering Cheshire Business Award ceremony held on Friday 7th October at Chester Cathedral.

A panel of judges voted d3t winners after considering our achievements to date, business strategy, financial performance and potential for the future.

The d3t model of purely working for hire means that our team gets to work across incredibly diverse projects. And the business model means that our team is 100% focussed on delivering for our clients.

Commercial Director, Jamie Campbell said, “We are absolutely delighted to have received this award. We have worked hard to establish d3t as the region’s leading work for hire software development company and this award confirms we’re getting it right! The skill and diversity of our team is undoubtedly our strength, so no award win would be complete without thanking them for all their hard work and dedication.”

d3t Welcomes Phil Grealey as QA Tester

Phil Grealey started with d3t as QA Tester on 15th August 2016.

In his own words, Phil tells us a bit more about his background and what makes him tick:

I’d had a number of jobs prior, some of which involved some programming, but d3t was my first job in the industry. I had also studied Computer Game Development part time at Futureworks, Manchester for three years before starting at d3t.

Why d3t?

During my time studying at Futureworks, my tutor Peter Yates, who is now my manager on the QA team, would often brag about how great the studio was to work for, how talented the people are and how interesting and rewarding the projects are. Towards the end of my course Pete said there might be a place for me at the d3t if I kept my work up. It sounded like a dream job and not long after getting my results, I contacted Pete to begin the recruitment process. I jumped at the opportunity and never looked back!

I’ve been at the studio for a short while now and have seen first-hand what Pete had been talking about. There is a great work atmosphere here at d3t. Everyone works extremely hard to produce some of the best quality of work I’ve seen and yet the studio is a relaxed and fun place to be, getting up for work has never been so easy.

Even from day one I have always felt supported and apart of the team, and the amount to be learned here from my fellow colleagues seems endless.

What was the recruitment process like?

Firstly, I was given task to complete at home. I was given a link to an old Sega Mega Drive flash game online in which I had to locate and document a known bug within the game. It was a lot of fun but funnily enough, I wasn’t able to reproduce the bug, however the answer I gave and how I documented it was satisfactory and I was invited in for an on-site interview.

The interview was a mix of general interview questions targeted more at the industry, and just general questions about my experience, likes and dislikes, hobbies and interest etc.

I was called back the following morning and given the good news. I couldn’t wait to start as soon as I got the offer.

Interesting facts we should know?

It’s safe to say I have an interest in video games. I prefer to play locally with friends or on my own if the game has a gripping storyline. When I get time to do so I enjoy doing a bit of 3D modelling or even having a go at creating my own game if I get an idea that I get really excited about. Another great thing about working at d3t is you have the facilities, equipment and software to do these things in your own time if you wish. It’s a great way to spend a lunch time when you wouldn’t be doing anything else, or even waiting for the traffic to quiet down after work.

d3t welcomes Shariqua Wahid as QA Tester

d3t welcomed Shariqua Wahid as QA Tester on 15th August 2016.

In her own words, Shariqua tells us a bit more about her background and what drives her:

I studied a BSC Games Design degree at The University of Bolton and graduated with a First Class Honours. I was taught Games Programming, Art, Level Design, Audio and Narrative mainly using Unity and Unreal.

Why d3t?

Accepting the job offer for d3t was the best decision I have made. For me being able to start my journey here has been such an exciting experience especially with the newly formed friendships I have made with strong experienced people. There’s a great balance of professionalism and management are always sure people have what they need. The variety of projects d3t work on was also a big factor of why I couldn’t wait to start here. Being multi-skilled in Design has opened up possible future roles here which management fully support me on. When given the free time, I am able to spend time with the artists and programmers to give my input and to also learn from them. I also attend Design meetings as this is where I want to steer my future. This is a company you really want to work for. You are not a number, you are a major part of d3t.

What was the recruitment process like?

d3t have a great interest in being involved with Universities and hold many presentations/workshops for students. I had met the Head of Design from d3t at my University Degree Show and I was able to personally sit down with him and have a chat about my work. He then handed me his card and advised I apply at d3t. I was then sent a test to complete and was invited in for an interview. Two weeks later I received a job offer which matched perfectly in time with my graduation.

Interesting things we should know?

I go to work to deal with games and I also go home to deal with games. I genuinely enjoy game development and am always learning new skills with different gaming engines and software. Reading books on Game Design and how to link it with psychology in particular is my interest. This then branches onto art, colour theory and asset placement. I find psychology of the human brain such an important part of game design that should be considered. This is what drives the player!

Meet Craig Grounsell Senior Programmer

Craig Grounsell joined d3t as Senior Programmer on 10th October 2016.

In his own words Craig explains his work background and a bit about himself:

Despite my youthful appearance, I am in fact a games programming veteran with over 20 years of experience in the industry having worked for a number of companies including Psygnosis, Video System, Warthog, Brain-in-a-Jar, Codemasters, Juice Games, THQ, Clever Beans, and Cloud Imperium Games (Foundry 42) with varied console and PC experience through-out.

Why d3t?

Having done my time in the often unstable life cycle of game development, specifically with regard to trying to develop your own IP and the ultimate pitfalls, I was ready for new a challenge and a variety of work. d3t ticked all the boxes. I’m looking forward to working on a number of different projects and working with some old and new faces, all clearly talented people. Already there’s a good feel to the d3t family.

What was the recruitment process like?

For once, I actually enjoyed a programming test, and found myself still wanting to do more. I found the whole interview process very structured, not overly formal, and quite relaxed.

Interesting things we should know?

Now a retired parachutist (one jump), I’ve been playing 5-a-side football for about the same time as I’ve been programming, though with significantly less relative success. I’m still a keen console gamer and try and squeeze in time to play in short bursts, though now my children are conveniently old enough to help in co-op games. I’m driven by solving code problems and tracking down those nasty bugs.

d3t Wins Develop Awards 2016

The awards ceremony was held on 13th July at the Hilton Metropole Hotel, Brighton and was attended by d3t’s Noel Austin, Carl Dalton and Richard Badger.

The peer-voted industry excellence Develop Awards recognise the achievements of games studios in the UK and across Europe and are considered the benchmark awards within the gaming industry.

d3t won in recognition of the work undertaken porting The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt to PlayStation 4 on behalf of the award-winning Polish studio CD PROJEKT RED.

d3t’s Commercial Director, Jamie Campbell, said, “We are delighted that d3t and the work-for-hire sector has been recognised by the Develop Awards judges. We’d like to congratulate all the Develop Award winners, including CD PROJEKT RED, who also had a fantastic night!”

d3t was founded in 2011 as a work-for-hire software development company and now employs a team of over 30 talented individuals. Major gaming projects recently completed by d3t include the SEGA Mega Drive classics Hub, Super Stardust Ultra and Invasion Zone for PlayStation VR, and of course The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

d3t contributed to The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt project by implementing low-level rendering systems on PS4, as well as general development support, bug fixing, middleware integration and performance optimization specifically for the PS4 platform. This was done in parallel, with the bulk of development done by CD PROJEKT RED in Warsaw.


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